CBC SDK: Carbon Black Cloud SDK for Python

Release v1.3.4.

The Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK provides an easy interface to connect with Carbon Black Cloud products, including Endpoint Standard, Audit and Remediation, and Enterprise EDR. Use this SDK to more easily query and manage your endpoints, manipulate data as Python objects, and harness the full power of Carbon Black Cloud APIs.

Major Features

  • Supports the following Carbon Black Cloud Products with extensions for new features and products planned
    Endpoint Standard, Audit and Remediation, and Enterprise EDR
  • Reduced Complexity
    The SDK manages the differences among Carbon Black Cloud APIs behind a single, consistent Python interface. Spend less time learning specific API calls, and more time controlling your environment.
  • More Efficient Performance
    A built-in caching layer makes repeated access to the same resource more efficient. Instead of making identical API requests repeatedly, the SDK caches the results of the request the first time, and references the cache when you make future requests for the resource. This reduces the time required to access the resource later.

API Credentials

To use the SDK and access data in Carbon Black Cloud, you must set up API keys with the correct permissions. Different APIs have different permission requirements for use, which is explained in the Developer Network Authentication Guide.

The SDK manages your API credentials for you. There are multiple ways to supply the SDK with your API credentials, which is explained in Authentication.

Full SDK Documentation

See detailed information on the objects and methods exposed by the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK here.

SDK Documentation

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