Live Response

You can use Live Response with the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK to:

  • Upload, download, or remove files
  • Create, retrieve and remove registry entries
  • Dump contents of physical memory
  • Execute, terminate and list processes

To send commands to an endpoint, first establish a “session” with a device.

Establish A Session With A Device

Connect to a device by querying the Device object.

>>> from cbc_sdk import CBCloudAPI
>>> api = CBCloudAPI(profile='sample')
>>> from cbc_sdk.platform import Device
>>> device =
>>> lr_session = device.lr_session()

File Commands

Once a session is established, create a directory and upload a file to that directory. The list directory command returns the content of the directory, including the uploaded file.

>>> lr_session.create_directory('C:\\\\demo\\\\')
>>> lr_session.put_file(open("demo.txt", "r"), 'C:\\\\demo\\\\demo.txt')
>>> directories = lr_session.list_directory('C:\\\\demo\\\\')
>>> for directory in directories:
...   print(f"{directory['attributes'][0]} {directory['filename']}")
ARCHIVE demo.txt

Note that the creation of the directory will fail if the directory already exists.

Next, get the contents of the file and then delete the file and the directory.

>>> contents = lr_session.get_file('C:\\\\demo\\\\demo.txt')
>>> lr_session.delete_file('C:\\\\demo\\\\demo.txt')
>>> lr_session.delete_file('C:\\\\demo\\\\')

Note: you can also delete a directory with the delete file command.

Process Commands

You can also execute commands to manage processes. Once you have established a session, you can check running processes.

>>> processes = lr_session.list_processes()
>>> for process in processes:
...   print(f"{process['process_pid']} {process['process_path']}")
42 c:\windows\explorer.exe
43 c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe

You can also create or kill a process.

>>> lr_session.create_process(r'cmd.exe /c "ping.exe -t"',
                              wait_for_completion=False, wait_for_output=False)
>>> processes = lr_session.list_processes()
>>> for process in processes:
...     if 'ping.exe' in process['process_path']:
...         lr_session.kill_process(process['process_pid'])

Note: you must pass the PID of the process to kill it.

Additional Resources

Find a full list of supported commands in the Live Response API documentation.

For tips on migrating from Live Response v3 to v6, check the migration guide.