CBC SDK 1.0.1 - Released December 17, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fix readme links
  • Few ReadTheDocs fixes

CBC SDK 1.0.0 - Released December 16, 2020

New Features

  • Enriched Event searches for Endpoint Standard
  • Aggregation search added for Enriched Event Query
  • Add support for fetching additional details for an Enriched Event
  • Facet query support for Enriched Events, Processes, and Process Events
  • Addition of Python Futures to support asynchronous calls for customers who want to leverage that feature , while continuing to also provide the simplified experience which hides the multiple calls required.
  • Added translation support for MISP threat intel to cbc_sdk threat intel example


  • Improved information and extra calls for Audit and Remediation (Live Query)
  • Great test coverage – create extensions and submit PRs with confidence
  • Process and Process Event searches updated to latest APIs and moved to platform package
  • Flake8 formatting applied to all areas of the code
  • Converted old docstrings to use google format docstrings
  • Migrated STIX/TAXII Threat Intel module from cbapi to cbc_sdk examples

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed off by one error for process event pagination
  • Added support for default profile using CBCloudAPI()
  • Retry limit to Process Event search to prevent infinite loop